Arran Range

Arran Range Inspiration

The Arran Range

If you're looking for the true "handleless" look, with sleak clean lines, this is the kitchen you're looking for.

Available in the colours below with matching cabinets to doors.

  • Artwood Light

    Artwood Light

  • Atelier Dark

    Atelier Dark

  • Atelier Light

    Atelier Light

  • Basalinto Grey

    Basalinto Grey

  • Brown Leather

    Brown Leather

  • Dark Cordoba Olive

    Dark Cordoba Olive

  • White Gloss

    Gloss White

  • Graphite


  • Ivory


  • Light Concrete

    Light Concrete

  • Lissa Oak

    Lissa Oak

  • Standard Black

    Standard Black

  • Standard Platinum White

    Standard Platinum White

  • Stone Ash

    Stone Ash

  • Brown Leather

    Woodgrain - Autumn Plum

  • Driftwood

    Woodgrain - Driftwood

  • Ellmau Beach

    Woodgrain - Ellmau Beech

  • Hacienda Black

    Woodgrain - Hacienda Black

  • Haceinda White

    Woodgrain - Haceinda White

  • Truffle Brown Avola

    Woodgrain - Truffle Brown Avola